What makes a language dominant?

There are two types of elements: primary and secondary components, which will make a language dominant.

In this article, I will analyze the primary elements: economy, politics, and military.
I will tackle the issue by using four examples: China, Russia, Germany and the USA.

China’s economy:
China is a powerful country. It has one of the most ancient civilizations in the world.
China is the second biggest economy in the world.

At the end of 2015, the International Monetary Fund welcomed the Chinese Yuan into its elite global currencies.
China is a member of G20 and a member of BRICS.
And it has many ambitious initiatives like One Belt One Road. It is an initiative to bridge the gap economically between Asia and the European countries.

In short, China is powerful when it comes to the economy. And it hopes to rival the USA very soon.

China’s politics:
China is one of the permanent members of the United Nations. However, its political engagement and influence on the International Community are limited.
China prioritizes mostly on economics, rather than politics.

China’s military:
According to the Business Insider, China is the third largest military in the world. And its military budget is $216 billion. China has the largest active front-line personnel in the world.

Russia’s economy:
The Russian Economy sharply went down after the annexation of the Crimea followed by the western sanctions led by the United States in 2015.

Additionally, the oil prices declined in June 2014 from 110$ to 40$ per barrel which caused an enormous damage on the Russian currency, Ruble.

Moreover, Russian experts and professionals are leaving the country in search of better future in the West.

The average monthly wage in Russia is under 450$ which is less than in China, Poland, and Romania.

Russia’s politics and military:
Russia is a permanent member of the United Nations, and its political role has a significant impact on the International Community.

Russia has annexed the Crimea and Sevastopol in 2014, despite the western sanctions.
Russia provides military aid for the Syrian President, Bashar Al Assad to defeat the ISIS.
Also, some analysts claim that the Russian government meddled in the US presidential elections in 2016.

A poll conducted by Pew Research Center found that 87% of Russians approve the Vladimir Putin’s role on world affairs.
The Russian military is the second-largest in the world after the US.

Germany’s economy:
Germany is the largest economy in Europe and the fourth in the world. It is the heart of the European Union.
Germany is a member of G20 and G7.

Germany has seen unprecedented growth after the union of the Western Germany with the Eastern Germany, well known as the Fall of the Berlin Wall.

Germany has played an essential role in creating the European Union in 1993.
In short, Germany is economically part and parcel of the European Union and the entire world.

Germany’s politics:
Germany is politically a dominant player within the frame of the European Union. However, when it comes to the international level, Germany minimizes its political role.
Germany like China mostly prioritizes the economy, not politics.

Germany’s military:
When it comes to Germany’s army, the 1st and 2nd World Wars come to our minds.
In fact, Germany and its allies started both of these wars, which killed millions of innocent people.

However, Germany shaped itself into an unrecognizable form after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

According to the Business Insider, Germany is in the 18th rank militarily. It has 179,046 active front-line personnel, four submarines, and 408 tanks.

Full Summary:
China is good at in economy and military, not politics.
Russia is good at politics and military, not economy.
Germany is good at the economy, not politics nor military.

These countries are regionally powerful and internationally semi-powerful. However, they lack one the elements (Economy, Politics, and Military), so that neither Chinese nor Russian nor German can be a dominant language in the world.

The only country which has all the three elements is the United States of America.

The English language is influential because of the dominance of the US in economy, politics, and military.

A language will be dominant if a country has these three primary elements: economy, politics, and military.


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