Donald Trump’s “ultimate deal”: what’s next?

The President of the United States, Donald Trump has officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel, 6th December 2017.

Donald Trump has recognized the city by destroying the core of peace talks between Palestine and Israel.

Why is Jerusalem important?

Jerusalem is a holy city for Christians (Church of the Holy Sepulchre), Muslims (Al Aqsa Mosque) and Jews (the Western Wall).

Merry Christmas:

During this week, Palestinians were celebrating Christmas and hoping for a better year. Unfortunately, Trump’s decision to move the American Embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem was a slap in the face of Palestinians and the entire world.

Additionally, Palestinians switched off Christmas lights in Bethlehem in anti-Trump protest.

His decision drastically changed the whole “peace talk negotiations”.

Was there any strategy?

Trump’s “ultimate deal” to bring peace between Palestinians and Israelis has come to an end.

In my opinion, Trump did not have any constructive strategy to end the conflict, because Arab, Islamic and western countries condemned his intention to consider Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel even before he announced it, which indicates that Trump and his administration worked alone without counselling with the International Community.

The Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said that Jerusalem is “a red line” for Muslims. He has invited leaders of Organization of Islamic Cooperation member states to the extraordinary summit over the issue of Jerusalem, 13th of December, 2017.

Are we going to have the third intifada?

Considering the fact the US has announced Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel and its will to move the embassy there, this decision may turn the region into the third intifada.

6th of December, Palestinians fired up American flags.

Palestinians went to the streets of Bethlehem to protest against the Trump’s decision, 7th of December.

Palestinians will not have any other choice but violence, if the International Community does not act as quickly as possible to avoid further confrontations.

Does the Palestinian Administration represent its nation?

In fact, the Palestinian government does not represent its nation.

Palestinian Arabs (or any other Arabs) do not recognize Israel as “a state”. They consider Israel as “the Zionist entity”.

However, the Palestinian government claimed its will to recognize Israel if it withdraws from pre-1967 borders and stops illegal settlements in the West Bank.

The Israel-Palestine conflict is the most complex and long-lasting one. Palestine is shrinking every single year, and Israel is occupying the Palestinian Territories by violating the UN charters, resolutions and the International Law.

This conflict can be solved if the Palestinian government starts to represent the will of Palestinians.

However, it is clear that Mahmoud Abbas and his administration go to “under table talks and negotiations”.



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